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Jon Wilkin reveals the funniest stick he ever received from a rival fan

Rugby league atmospheres are something special and stays the right side of the line where hostility is concerned.

But even rugby league players are going to have to deal with abuse from supporters but former player and Sky Sports pundit has called for fans to at least come up with something witty if you are going to say something to a player.

He said this as he also revealed the best abuse he ever received at a game.

“If a fan is going to take time to abuse me, make it good,” he said on The Bench podcast.

“If you’re going to waste your breath and say something to a player than make it good.

“I’ll always remember at Warrington and I’d just opened a sandwich shop in Warrington and I’m walking back off the kick-off and there’s a guy shouting me.

“This guy kept whispering ‘Wilkin’ to me and then he goes ‘Wilkin, your butties are s**t’ and I thought that if you were going to give me some stick then make it witty like that.

“I took it as feedback and we increased our portions slightly”

Wilkin also revealed the time he defeated a Twitter troll:

“The Twitter stuff just rolls off me. There was one guy though, a Wigan fan who was threatening to burn my house down for like 12 months.

“But he had an *beeped out* t-shirt in his profile picture so I called him that he works at *beeped out* in Wigan, so I rang Wigan and gave the name in and copied and pasted all his tweets and he got a very harsh disciplinary shall we say.

“The pen is mightier than the sword, or keyboard.”

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