Jon Wilkin reveals his brutal opinion of the Magic Weekend as a player

Jon Wilkin is never short of a controversial opinion and it seems that was true in his playing days as well.

This is because he revealed on the Rugby League Verdict his brutal opinion of the Magic Weekend when it was first introduced slamming it as a cheat way for teams to play at a big stadium.

“Magic Weekend has been an interesting one and when they first started the concept as a player I was against it, I didn’t like it,” he said.

“I thought it distorted the fixture list and gave clubs who hadn’t earned the right to play in a big stadium the chance to play in front of a big ground a cheat way to a big game.”

However, he has now changed his mind:

“But I will say this, I have changed my mind. Since I finished playing and going up to Newcastle as a pundit and a fan of the game, I see the beautiful way in which rugby league fans all congregate in Newcastle.

“It is a memorable weekend not just for the rugby but in the city with the atmosphere you see.

“It is testament to the sport that we can put so many people who are so passionate about their teams in one place and it be so well natured and be such a kind, friendly and family atmosphere.”