Jon Wilkin has controversial say on golden point

Golden point has been a very controversial talking point this week after two games went to extra time last week.

As ever, Jon Wilkin has had his say on the matter and has said to those who think that there’s nothing wrong with a draw that there is nothing right with it either.

On the Rugby League verdict on Sky Sports, Wilkin said:

“If you look at the weekend as a snapshot, we had two of the most exciting games of the year and they went to golden point so the evidence suggests that not only anecdotally that I was entertained but the fans were.

“The largest TV audience of the season on Sky was between St Helens and Leeds in what was an epic game.

“You can say what you want about it, there was lots of controversy and Jonny Lomax incident, Leeds struggling with injuries but looking like they would cling on only for St Helens to snatch it right at the end, for me sport is about drama, it’s entertainment.

“I think golden point is entertaining and just when I speak to people who know nothing about the game, they’re not interested in rugby league at all, they are all blown away by how entertaining Leeds and St Helens was and that, for me, has to be a good thing.

“We have to embrace that. The old school way will say there’s nothing wrong with a draw. Yeah there’s nothing wrong it but there’s nothing right with it either so crack on.”