Jon Wilkin fearful for this Super League side who are “struggling for confidence”

On Friday night Hull KR defeated Champions St Helens to make it two defeats in a row for the Saints and four defeats in total.

It only increased Jon Wilkin’s admiration for the Robins as he said on Sky Sports:

“I think you have got to, and I do, love watching Hull KR play. They are young, they have got confidence and they play with a bit of fearlessness and that has caused St Helens to lose.”

However, he raised a concern about St Helens.

He believes things could get tougher for the Saints and says they are struggling for confidence:

“It is a Saints side who are maybe struggling for confidence, struggling for energy and certainly struggling when it comes to injuries and it has been a tough period for St Helens and it will continue because teams can smell blood now and they are going to come after them and who do you not want to play? A wounded Wolf in Warrington because they will come after the Saints next week.”

Meanwhile, Phil Clarke emphasised how impressed he has been with Hull KR:

“Really good, the club has been building and they have a strong chance of being a top six side, there is momentum behind the club and excitement around the place and that connection of Abdull and Lewis excites everyone I think who follows the game.”

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