Jon Wilkin compares Jonny Lomax incident to Richie Myler staying down against St Helens

Last night we saw a rare green card when Jonny Lomax was forced off the field after suffering a hit from Jack Ashworth as St Helens beat the Huddersfield Giants.

However, Sky Sports pundit Jon Wilkin felt that instead of Lomax being forced from the field with a green card, that a penalty should be awarded.

Ultimately he felt the reason no penalty was given was because he didn’t stay down comparing the incident to one involving Leeds Rhinos star Richie Myler against the Saints in Round Three.

“Did he get hit late? He gets hit late. The problem we have in the game at the minute is Jonny Lomax doesn’t stay down,” Wilkin said.

“I’ll take you back to Leeds against St Helens, Richie Myler in that situation laid on the floor twice, drew penalties, drew attention.

“Jonny Lomax maybe doesn’t do that, we have to pay credit to him in the main for not doing that.

“It’s a penalty though. They are giving penalties for that all year. If you hit someone late, it’s a penalty.”

Terry O’Connor then explained why Lomax had gone off the field: “The reason he is off is maybe the referee thought he was milking it.”

Wilkin then responded:

“Jonny Lomax doesn’t milk it. If I was Jonny Lomax, I’d stay down because what he has been doing his whole career has been taking hits and not getting penalties.

“Players cheaply win penalties by staying down. I’m not encouraging but what does Lomax have left, what can he do?”

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