Jon Wilkin claims ego led to controversial red card

On Saturday, fans were stunned when Josh Griffin was sent off for Hull FC.

The centre turned second row was sent off at halftime for something he said to Chris Kendall.

Speaking on the incident, BBC pundit Jon Wilkin said that Chris Kendall wanted to send a message:

“I think there are two ways of refereeing that moment and one is to send a message and Josh Griffin gave the referee a chance to make a message and send a message to people in the game.

“He complained that it wasn’t a penalty. That got him a yellow card and to continue it is naive in the extreme.”

He went on to suggest that ego led to the red card:

“I have been in similar situations, I think we have all been like that at one point or another when you say the wrong thing.

“But I think the important thing is to not have ego about it and admit when you are wrong and get on with it.

“No one is going to be more devastated than Josh Griffin.

“I don’t care what Tony Smith said, he cost his team the game.”