Rugby League player leaves burglar with black eye

Jon Magrin burglar

Burglar John Calvert picked on the wrong victim when he broke into the home of a Bradford Rugby League player, Judge Jonathan Rose told Bradford Crown Court yesterday.

Bulls prop Jon Magrin arrived home to his apartment in Bradford city centre to find Calvert, 23, coming out of his door with £500 cash, a second man picked up his PlayStation while another kept watch outside.

The 22-year-old punched Calvert to the floor before rugby tackling him, only to be struck by a screwdriver which forced him to let go of the burglar.

Magrin suffered a cut to the ear with Calvert arrested four days later after he was linked to the offence by DNA, he was found with a black eye.

Judge Rose sentenced Calvert to three years in prison and said it was the defendant’s misfortune that his victim was a professional Rugby League player.

Speaking to the Telegraph and Argus, Magrin said he was pleased with the punishment given to Calvert.

“I was quite shocked to come home from training and find three burglars in my house,” he said.

“I’m happy that they have now been caught and got what they deserved. I don’t condone anyone going in someone’s house and taking what’s not theirs.

“I’m just pleased that it is finally over and I can put it to bed now.”