Jesse Sene-Lefao ‘s**t’ admission at Castleford in tell-all interview

Jesse Sene-Lefao brought down the curtain on a five-season stay at the Castleford Tigers at the end of 2021.

With over 100 appearances to his name at the Jungle, it really was the end of an era with the Samoan international moving on to pastures new at the Featherstone Rovers.

But, now Sene-Lefao has opened up on some of his bad performances during his time at the Tigers and that his side businesses often made him the target of pressure.

“During that lockdown phase, I had a lot of side stuff happening and marriage stuff happening too,” Sene-Lefao told the Talk Your Walk podcast.

“I was hiding the marriage stuff and family stuff hiding it with my side business – that was my get out, but I never lost the love for rugby.

“I always trained hard, but I was actually scared to go home and face it so I kept myself busy.

“I felt like there was more pressure on me because I’m loud about what I do.

“I used to think that was value – I was like that to show people they can achieve anything in life, but I shared that and the results on the field weren’t going well.

“My performances were inconsistent, that’s how I felt like I played.

“I’ll put my hand up that I was playing s**t some weeks and then awesome another, but there were more s**t weeks than awesome.

“When I look at it as a person and step back, I wanted to be a better player on the outside and have my performances a lot higher as it would shut that gate off from people blaming me.”

The infectious bundle of energy that is the 32-year-old then revealed how he would go about things differently if he had another chance.

“I don’t think you should stop doing business, but you should get the education and then be effective at what you are doing whereas I was so out there.

“It’s hard to tell coaches that you want to do other things besides rugby because some coaches are ‘rugby for life’, there is nothing else but rugby and if you’re coming in saying you’re not all in for rugby and doing a bit over here then the coach would say ‘no no get out of here’.”

When things came to a head during lockdown, Sene-Lefao believed that would be the end of his Castleford career.

“I thought lockdown was it, that we were going to lose Cas because of the Sky deal and the problems.

“So my first thought was how do I get my family from here back to Australia?

“And, it would cost me 100 grand, so I was thinking when Cas stop paying me I need enough money to go back home straight away, so I started building that on the side.”

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