Jesse Sene-Lefao spills the beans on Brian McDermott in tell-all show

Jesse Sene-Lefao has recently signed with the Featherstone Rovers after five seasons in Super League with the Castleford Tigers.

At the Jungle, the Samoan international played under the same head coach – Daryl Powell – for all of those seasons, so it was always going to be different playing under a new boss for the first time since 2017.

But, Sene-Lefao – although recognising that the new approach given by Featherstone boss Brian McDermott is a lot different – is more than willing to buy into that change heralded by the former Leeds Rhinos head coach.

“I’ve only been under Powelly for five years, so I had to have the understanding that it would be different and I had to buy into that quickly,” Sene-Lefao said on the Talk Your Walk podcast.

“The one thing our coach is massive on is unity and he goes on about being together and looking after one another and believing in the same process.

“Whatever we are going towards we have to believe in it or else it just won’t work.”

The 32-year-old was also keen to stress that McDermott has the answers to any queries the players have about certain tactics or structures heading into the new season.

“If this comes off and the way that we train to get there, it’s a perfect strategy for big games.

“We ask questions (to McDermott) and he gives us good answers and that’s why we are excited about putting his plans in place.”

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