Jamie Jones-Buchanan says Warrington are no longer just a glamour club

Speaking on Sky Sports last night Jamie Jones-Buchanan said the revival at Warrington Wolves looked genuine.

In his opinion, the Wolves no longer appear to be a side just buying glamour players.

He said:

“It feels genuine, it feels genuine. They’re this oxymoron that it is Warrington’s year every year. But that has been based on the players they have brought in and the glamour of the signings but this feels like it is based on performance and the performances look genuine and real.

“You feel like it could be a year where they excel.”

Meanwhile Barrie McDermott echoed these thoughts praising four players:

“It looks different, there is a size and a power to the Warrington pack that wasn’t there last year but there has also been a change in the way they approach the game as well.

“We said consistently that about Paul Vaughan, fans have been impressed by Matty Ashton, George Williams who has carried on his World Cup form and James Harrison.”

He also felt that they showed good character:

”Signs of good character from Warrington. Behind at halftime but in the second half they blasted their opposition playing to their strengths. They looked very good.

“Before the game Daryl Powell said he didn’t want to talk about last year, it’s not about 2022. Well I will tell you what, in 2022 they would have lost that game.”

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