Jamie Jones-Buchanan says Castleford celebrated Leeds win like getting to Wembley

Castleford Tigers defeated Leeds Rhinos tonight to kickstart their season.

They edged the Rhinos 14-8 in a game that wouldn’t be seen as a classic but was all about the determination from the Tigers to stick in there and cling on to win the game and kick start their season in what is a new era after the departure of Lee Radford.

Speaking after the game, Leeds Rhinos legend Jamie Jones-Buchanan reacted to the talk that the Tigers were over celebrating a Round Five win.

He said: “I’d say a win is a win, you have to enjoy winning in sport. Momentum is a big thing in sport, they will start believing in themselves.

“I hope Andy Last gets the job. He has worked hard and got this result, back him.

“It papers over the cracks, they will forget about them things. They’ll enjoy this.”

He then joked: “They are walking round the ground like they have made the play-offs or the final at Wembley.

“That is what it means to them.

“They never lacked intensity or effort tonight and that is why they got the win.”

Buchanan there said he wants to see Andy Last get the job.

On that Man of the Match Greg Eden said: “Well Andy has done a good job and put his best foot forward and we showed tonight that we want to play for him.”

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