Jamie Jones-Buchanan fears for rugby league after red card

Josh Griffin has shockingly been red carded at halftime as Hull FC battle St Helens.

The second row could be seen going towards Chris Kendall at halftime gesticulating and he has been sent off for dissent in a huge shock.

He was initially sin binned and continued to argue and has now been red carded.

A closer look at the incident shows that Griffin was clearly not happy about something.

He went over to Chris Kendall gesturing about something. Kendall kept his cool and Griffin, still speaking, turned away from the official somewhat brushing passed him with Jon Wilkin claiming on BBC there was some minimal contact.

As Griffin went away, Kendall showed a yellow card. This didn’t stop Griffin who continued to make his point prompting the red card to then be brandished reducing Hull FC to 12 men in this do or die clash against the Super League and World Champions.

What Griffin said is unclear at this point.

Former Leeds Rhinos star Jamie Jones-Buchanan gave his view on the matter.

He fears for rugby league and the dissent coming into the game: “I think about dissent most weeks, I don’t like the attitude towards referees.

“We used to respect the officials, calling them sir and now it is bleeding its way into the community game, I respect the referees for putting up with it.”