James Rule receives death threats as Widnes face liquidation

Former Widnes CEO James Rule and his family have received death threats according to current club administrator Peter O’Hara.

Rule left the Vikings at the start of the month, with many fans believing he is largely responsible for the club’s current financial crisis.

Widnes have today been deducted 12 points for enter administration after the collapse of a takeover bid created a significant cash-flow gap.

This has angered many of the club’s fan base and O’Hara, who is acting on behalf of Insolvency Company O’Hara’s, revealed that the club’s former CEO currently needs police protection.

“James Rule, who was the chief executive and director is at the end of his tether,” O’Hara told the Mirror Sport.

“He has had to get police protection after threats to his life and his family, and his health has suffered. He came to my office and he really doesn’t want anything more to do with it.”

The club’s game this weekend against Sheffield was postponed due to insurance issues and speaking at today’s press conference, O’Hara says that Widnes will struggle to play another game and are staring liquidation in the face.

Although players have been paid for this month, he added that the Vikings have no money and that relegation parachute payments from Super League have not been released.

“Unless the club can find investors and find them quickly, it will go into liquidation and that will be the end of Widnes, which nobody wants,” O’Hara said.

Describing the situation as rudderless, the experienced administrator added they are reluctant to sell players but concluded that the predicament is a result of the club spending more than they earned.