James Graham’s hilariously honest opinion of Sam Burgess

James Graham and Sam Burgess had something of an intense rivalry back in the NRL.

The two were two of the best British players to make their way to the NRL.

They battled it out in the 2014 NRL Grand Final and Graham has revealed on the Mid-week Matters podcast, Graham reminisced about their battles:

“We’d laugh about some of the things we’d said to each other on the field, after when we were having a beer. ‘Remember when you said this to me?’

“It’s almost a bit cringey because you’re a different person when you’re on the field, he’d be like ‘do you remember when you did this’ or ‘remember when you didn’t shake my hand’ and I’d be like, ‘yeah because you were being a bell’.”

He also spoke about¬†Burgess’ coaching career as it begins to take off: “I think he’s really attracted to the idea of coaching and al the chaos that comes with it.

“I must say though his head is massive. I bumped into him at the Ed Sheeran concert and I know mine is big but I was like ‘f***ing hell Sam’.

“You know who he looks like, there’s a guy called Frankie Sidebottom who had a massive papier mache head. This is all natural, he’s just a massive meathead.”

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