James Graham reveals hilarious misunderstanding after Lewis Dodd drop goal

There is great footage from the World Club Challenge when two legendary British players embraced.

Former St Helens player and a man who has made himself at home down under with a brilliant NRL career James Graham embraced his former teammate and now St Helens coach Paul Wellens after Wellens masterminded the win in his first competitive game in charge.

A brilliant moment, but perhaps the better moment wasn’t caught on camera as Graham told a hilarious story of his reaction to the winning drop goal on his podcast The Bye Round.

“I thought I heard the announcer say extra time,” Graham explained.

“I didn’t hear him say golden point. So they get a good attacking scrum and I’m thinking, ‘they’re being a bit conservative here’, then I see Dodd set up for the field goal.

“Then he kicks it and the bench are all running on and I’m thinking ‘get back, get back’, but then the penny has dropped and they’ve won.

“I’ve got a lot of friends not just in that team but in the town so I know what it means to them. I’m still a part of that club, I was a fan since I was a little boy.

“When you support a club and watch them in big games, there’s an element of evenness but coming over here everything was against St Helens. It really was. Everything was against them, not many people gave them a hope or a chance.”

He also had his say on Saints’ long odds which stood at 6/1: “In a two horse race and a game like rugby league that’s massive.

“Consider Penrith’s record at home, it’s just one of those sporting moments where you’re just ‘wow, I’m witnessing greatness here.'”

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