James Graham explains what makes James Roby different from most legendary players

In a video released by the Super League Twitter page, James Graham has spoken about what it is that makes James Roby different from most legendary players.

The duo came onto the scene at a similar time at St Helens and were both young members of the St Helens treble winning side of 2006.

In the two seasons after that the two each one the Man of Steel with Roby claiming the award in 2007 and Graham in 2008. Unfortunately, this was in a run of seasons where the Saints lost five Grand Finals in a row.

After the fifth defeat in 2011, Graham took on a challenge in the NRL but the pair would lift one more Super League title together in 2020 as Graham returned to the club as he ended his career with the Saints.

So, two players tied together by incredibly sporting history, Graham is best placed to speak about Roby and heaped praise on him: “He never took rugby home with him. He was one of those lads that didn’t watch too much of the games growing up. Some of us were obsessed with the NRL, the Super League wanting to watch as much as we possibly could.

“He’d just switch off and then he’d come to training and he was on. He had this remarkable capacity to park it at the training ground or the game and it never seemed to affect his performance.

“I know a lot of coaches put a lot of effort and time into educating him and the importance of being a student of the game which again is the right advice to give but a guy like Robes he was very laid back and he just came with a constant attitude of ‘I want to be better. I want to win.’”

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