James Graham believes World Club Challenge has “damaged” St Helens’ chances of Super League success

James Graham played in one of the greatest ever British teams in the shape of the 2006 St Helens side that won the treble.

As the current St Helens side accomplished something amazing in Australia last week by winning the World Club Challenge, Graham said he believes that this Saints side are the greatest of the modern era.

“In the modern era yes, I don’t know about all the teams throughout history but the only team I think that could rival it is the Wigan teams of the ’80s and the early ’90s,” he said on his podcast the Bye Round.

“They were pretty special, they were professional before anyone else and had some of the games greatest ever British players play for them.

“With St Helens I was part of the 2006 team which people back in St Helens they’d argue about whether they rival the 1966 team. That team we went on to win a World Club Challenge but you see this St Helens team now. To win four in a row is a ridiculous achievement and then to cap it of and I think with that result it’s the best team of the Super League era.

“Some of those Leeds teams and the St Helens team of ’06 but this team now will go down in history. I am so happy and so proud for the team, the players, the club, the town and for Super League in general because a lot of people don’t seem to give it the respect that I think it deserves.”

He also suggested that Super League is a bit disrespected seen as just an attacking compeition:

“The thing as well is that people over here see Super League as an attacking competition, ‘oh he’ll do well in Super League because he’s really good in attack’. Well St Helens won through their defence.”

Meanwhile, Graham also believes the World Club Challenge will damage their chances of a fifth consecutive title.

“They’re going for their fifth in a row, I hope this doesn’t take too much from them. They sacrificed so much to come here to put it all on the line, they’ve really damaged their chance of domestic success. They go back as winners and this will install that belief that they can beat anyone.”

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