James Graham believes there is “a snitch” at his former team leaking information

St George Illawarra Dragons have had a tough time of late with a number of worrying off-field stories.

It all started when most of their playing squad didn’t show up at the end of season awards.

Then there was a scrap at an open training session in front of fans before recently the story around two players having a heated argument last weekend has dominated the headlines around the club.

A former St George player and a legend of both Super League and the NRL, James Graham has no issue with this incident but believes there is a “snitch” within the club feeding this information out.

“My issue with this, is who is the grass that has gone and leaked it?” Graham said on Triple M.

“Who is the snitch? Why are you going and telling the media for?

“Because it was a non-issue. Nothing got broken, no-one was hurt, no-one caused a disruption. No member of the public was affected by this.

“Which little snitch has gone to the media and said there was a fight at 6am? Who is the snitch?

“That is the issue the Dragons club need to sort out. Not sorting out if there is an issue with teammates.”

He revealed that he has been in a similar situation himself.

“It has happened to me before where something similar has happened, a story has got out when it shouldn’t have,” Graham said.

“And I addressed the group and said this has got to stop. I’d be blowing up deluxe about that.

“I’d say boys if you’re in for this cause of us trying to be the best team we can be, the last thing we need is someone thinking this is the best way to go about it.

“Because you’re not with us. You’re not on our bus or on our ship.”

As this former club of Graham’s is in disarray, his former English club St Helens couldn’t be in a better place having been Champions of the World.

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