James Child takes responsibility for infamous game which “descended into chaos”

In August 2019, Warrington Wolves travelled to the South of France for a Super League clash in one of the best but also most hostile atmospheres you will see in Super League.

The Dragons would go onto win the game but that was almost secondary to the incidents on and off the field as control was lost of the fixture.

After a dissent penalty following a Warrington Wolves knock on and two high tackles from the Dragons in as many minutes with Michael McIlorum getting a red card, fights erupted on and off the pitch.

Nearly four years on from the infamous fixture referee at the time James Child has taking partial responsibility for the role he played that day admitting that he didn’t do a very good job and revealing that he went to talk to Warrington after the game to hold his hands up.

This admission game on 5 Live as he explained the conversations referees have with clubs:

“The process that happens is that on a weekly basis the clubs will contact the department and will have concerns and questions that they want to ask, that’s usually led by the club coach and the referees coach.

“There will be occasion where clips are sent in and you may have a meeting with the team, and that can be beneficial for the referee.

“I went to visit Warrington a couple of years ago following off the back of the Catalans Warrington fixture that descended into chaos to be honest with fighting in the stands and on the field.

“I held my hands up to Warrington, I had a poor game that day and I no doubt contributed to some of what went on the field and I felt awful after the game as I felt I’d contributed to what went on off the field as well.

“I just had to hold my hands up, I didn’t do my job that well and nor did my touch judges who made a couple of mistakes. We weren’t assisted particularly well by the video referee but that wasn’t his fault. What people don’t realise is that there lots of communication issues with the video referee.

“For me then going forward and refereeing Warrington the next year was actually a little bit easier because the coach and captain at the time were a little bit surprised by my admission.

“Having those honest conversations I think is beneficial.”

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