James Bentley and Victor Radley investigation continues as fresh information emerges

The ongoing drama surrounding Victor Radley and the alleged incident with James Bentley continues to rumble on.

The NRL’s Integrity Unit are set to potentially sanction the Sydney Roosters star, however they’re awaiting an update from England Rugby League before they do so, according to reports in The Daily Telegraph.

Radley and Bentley are alleged to have come to blows with a supposed headbutt being directed from Radley towards the Ireland international at England’s team hotel in Manchester.

It’s reported that the altercation happened on the Sunday after England crashed out the of the World Cup to Samoa via golden point.

Bentley had been invited back to the team hotel by current and former team-mates, with the incident said to have happened after Bentley started criticising England head coach Shaun Wane.

It’s now being reported by The Telegraph that a police report ‘was never filed’, and with this revelation the Sydney Roosters, Radley’s NRL club, might not be as panic-stricken over losing their star player.

As it stands the Roosters are still sweating over a report from ‘English administration’ which would be fed back to the NRL’s Intergrity Unit and in turn lead to potential problems for Radley who has history in this area.

Radley is not long off the back of a two-game suspension and fine last December during another incident away from the pitch where he was reported to instigate an alleged altercation.

With it being reported that no police report was filed, some NRL insiders are expecting no punishment to be given, and as time is ticking on, it seems less and less likely that action will be taken.

The Telegraph reports that a majority of ‘senior figures’ think punishment is unwarranted, but with no word from England Rugby League and this confirmed news of no police report, they’ll have to wait to find out.

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