Jake Connor speaks on winding people up

It has often been suggested that Jake Connor is a player who can wind up his opponents.

Speaking on BBC Radio Leeds, Connor admitted that he enjoys winding people up:

“I think I compete and that’s all I’ve done all my life. Sometimes I take it too far but I think those days are well gone now.

“I’ve kind of calmed down a little bit but I’ve still got that competitiveness in me and I think that’s what brings it out of me.

“I just like to wind people up and I always have done, I’ll probably carry on doing it as well.”

It has also been said that Connor is one to react badly to being wound up himself and on this he said:

“People like to think they do when I react to them but that’s just me anyway. I think the best battle I’ve had is probably Tony Gigot. He’s one who’s rattled me but he’s kind of similar to me, that’s the only one I can think of.”

Unfortunately for Connor on his return to Hull FC yesterday his Huddersfield Giants side were unable to pick up a win against the out of form Black and Whites.

Hull picked up a first win in eight games after they lost seven games in a row after two wins to start the post-Connor era.

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