Jackson Hastings grew up idolising ex-Warrington Wolves man and he was key to latest move

One of the key reasons behind Jackson Hastings’ move to Newcastle Knights was his idol.

The former Man of Steel winner and Salford Red Devils and Wigan Warriors star grew up idolising NRL great Andrew Johns who had a brief stint in Super League with Warrington Wolves in 2005.

It has been confirmed by Australian journalist Alicia Newton that Hastings’ grew up idolising Johns which makes it no surprise that when he phoned up to talk up a move to the Knights, within weeks Hastings had signed for the club.

However, according to Newton, Hastings’ relationship with Johns could make this one of the best signings in the NRL this season.

“Hastings had a connection to the club before he arrived at Newcastle, openly declaring Andrew Johns as an idol growing up, and along with the Roosters, he was a Knights fan,” she said.

“That won’t necessarily mean much in his overall performances but the passion for the town and those around him appears to already be there, and for a player who has copped some heat over the years for his personality, that’s a good sign.

“He’s also working with Johns on a weekly basis, which should help take his game to greater heights. If Hastings can embrace the Knights, it won’t take long for the town to embrace him.

“With confidence, Hastings plays at his best with a legion of support behind him.”