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‘It’s rubbish’ – referee chief slams constant criticism and abuse of officials

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Referees chief Graham Annesley has defended the match officials in the face of sustained abuse.

The NRL head of football hit out at coaches and the media who have blasted some calls in recent weeks which has led to a torrent of criticism against the men-in-the-middle and especially those in the bunker.

“It’s kind of overwhelming, the post-match commentary about what’s happening in games,” Annesley said.

“I understand everyone’s under pressure. I understand the coaches are trying to qualify for the [top] eight and in some cases save their jobs for the future. I get that.

“That’s been part of our game for a long time. But I just think it’s got a little bit out of control recently.

“We’ll see one incident in a game and then the whole post-match discussion is about that incident … Frankly, it’s just rubbish and it’s not worthy of the people who make those comments.”

Annesley added: “Someone has to stand up for the referees as well because there are very few people willing to do that.

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