‘It’s always been Hull KR’ – Craig Hall gets emotional ahead of testimonial

Craig Hall will turn 35 just after the start of the 2023 season and the veteran winger has been reflecting on his 17-year-career ahead of his testimonial match.

Hall has switched one Rovers side for another after joining Featherstone but even though they’re the team he will represent for the upcoming season, and in his testimonial game against Hull KR, he still holds a soft spot for the Robins.

Hall spent two separate periods at Hull KR and has been with Featherstone since the 2020 season but going into his testimonial there was only going to be one team he would want to face.

Ahead of that testimonial match which will be held at Featherstone’s Millennium Stadium on 20th February against his beloved Hull KR, Hall has spoken to RoversTV for his current club in an interview that Featherstone have shared to Twitter.

Asked about what KR meant to him, Hall responded: “I’ve just loved it, from being a kid as well. Everything that my Dad has done there and my family has done, it’s been a privilege be at so many events with so many legend players.

“The dinners I’ve been to with those ex players sat next to Phil Lowe, David Watkinson and Roger Millward. As a kid you don’t really realise but looking back you see how amazing it has been.

“The club has been in my family and in my life for such a long time and travelling down as a kid and watching them play, Hull KR has always been the one for me.”