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‘It’s a crap rule’ – Richard Agar gives honest view on why the sport needs change

Richard Agar has called for more debate into the current rules, following the increasing number of bans that he feels are not taking “common sense” into consideration.

The Leeds head coach pointed to Luke Gale’s ban given a fortnight ago for a push against referee Chris Kendall as well as Zane Tetevano’s four-match ban earlier in the season, stating that players need more empathy from those making the rules.

“You need to put yourselves in our shoes as a player and think,” Agar said.

“The question we asked is what do you want us to do – we can’t disappear as you’re getting set for a tackle.

“The phrase “you had time to pull out,” sometimes as a coach I totally disagree with that and the collision is inevitable.

“Luke Gale got a two-match ban for touching the referee two weeks ago, I’m not being funny but just watch the incident.

“Are we generally rubbing star players out of the gam for incidents like that?

“We need common sense.”

Agar doesn’t think, however, that increasing leniency is the answer.

“You’re in dangerous territory if you say we will allow foul play because of COVID and the impact on squads.

“You can’t say we’re going to sweep under the carpet a couple of indiscretions that would warrant in a normal time, suspension.”

The Rhinos head coach also doesn’t believe that copying the NRL will work either.

“The disciplinary system and process needs consideration or debating.

“We implement a ball stripping rule because Australia are doing it and it makes a mess and is a difficult rule to judge.

“In four weeks we say it is a crap rule and we get rid of it.”

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