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“It will occur” – Former Sky Sports commentator Stevo says major announcement on the horizon


Former Sky Sports pundit Mike ‘Stevo’ Stephenson has claimed that The Ashes series against Australia in 2025 “will occur” with it being a case of just “crossing the Ts and dotting the Is”.

The lack of an international calendar has been the biggest criticism aimed at the sport of rugby league for a number of years and it was a criticism aimed at the sport earlier this year when the end-of-season series against Samoa was at risk.

That has been rectified though with the two-game series against Samoa confirmed earlier this month by the RFL, something that Shaun Wane has welcomed with England setting out to avenge their World Cup Semi-Final defeat.

Discussions by the International Federation last year unveiled a new and refurbished international calendar that has a 2026 World Cup pencilled in but before that, England is expected to travel to Australia in 2025 for The Ashes. It’s yet to be confirmed but Stevo has now dropped the biggest hint yet that a confirmation is around the corner.

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Stevo claims The Ashes is set to be announced soon

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Speaking on his Eddie and Stevo podcast alongside former co-commentator Eddie Hemmings, Stevo echoed the calls of fans for the international calender to be adhered to and for Australia to focus on that more so than their State of Origin event.

He said: “It’s about time as well that all the countries involved in playing our great game, they’ve actually sat down and sorted it all out because they realise that without internationals the game will just wither and die. And we can’t afford to do that. We mentioned a couple of weeks ago in regards to the fact in Australia it’s all about the State of Origin and we can’t afford to do that.”

On Australia’s obsession with State of Origin, he said: “For young kids coming through, that’s all they’re interested in is Queensland versus New South Wales when really we need to get back on the international calendar. Well done to the International Federation for ensuring that we at least have a program ahead of us, it’s not confusing, we know it’s definitely in black and white and I’m looking forward to it.”

Co-host Eddie Hemmings then noted the upcoming France international before mentioning next year’s reported Ashes series, something that Stevo jumped on.

Hemmings said: “And the France International confirmed as well for later this month, June the 29th. So it’s a start and fingers crossed we’ll finally get confirmation that the Ashes series is coming back shortly.”

“Well it’s on the cards,” Stevo revealed.

“As far as my information is it’s just a matter of just crossing the Ts and dotting the Is and it will occur and we need that Ashes series.”

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