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“It was nuts” – Sam Hallas explains the mad way a Championship players career can change

It is a bold decision for any player to leave their childhood club but that was what Sam Hallas did at the end of 2021.

This all came because Newcastle Thunder offered him an exciting new start at a full time club at the time.

Speaking to Serious About Rugby League: “My contract was up at Bradford and I fancied a change and Newcastle was interested, it caught my interest a bit and I’ve always said I don’t want any regrets.

“They came in with a good offer and Emmon O’Carroll talked to me about the ambitions of the club and it caught my interest.

“Everyone associated with the club so I decided to take the risk because you never know.

“Freddy was a fantastic bloke and coach, as a coach he doesn’t get recognised enough, he taught me so much in a few months, I respect him so much, I think he’s going to go in to do great things in the game.”

But in a move that typifies the wild lives of Championship players trying to make a good living outside of Super League, a job offer outside of rugby league brought him back to Bradford part way through 2022.

This demonstrates the mad way a Championship player’s life and career can change because of things not at all to do with rugby:

“It was nuts, I had a couple of offers on the table but Bradford’s was the best. I got offered a job down here, it was the kind of money I couldn’t turn down, and if you marry that with doing this part-time, it would be silly to turn down but it was a hard decision because the boys at Newcastle were ace and I really enjoyed my time there.

“It was a tough decision but one I had to make for long term off the field.

“Going back to Bradford it was nice.”

Now though he is headed to Hunslet in 2023.

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