“It isn’t good play…Deliberate attack to the head” – how social media reacted to THAT collision

Social media went crazy over one incident in Warrington’s win over Leigh last night.

In the fifth minute, Sitaleki Akauola carried the ball with incredible gumption towards the Leigh line. Tyrone McCarthy was in the firing line with the collision reverberating around the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

Opinion was actually divided over whether the Warrington forward should have been punished.

There were those that believed Akauola had committed a foul.

He wasn’t alone in the debate.

Someone even called for a red card.

Another echoed those sentiments.

Another brought attention to it as a shoulder charge.

Someone else questioned the legality too.

Another fan highlighted that opponents can’t defend with a shoulder, so why should an attacker?

That opinion was shared by more supporters.

However, it’s fair to say that there was a vociferous crowd on the other side of the argument.

Three others blamed McCarthy for his tackle technique.

Another couldn’t see any problem with it.


Another shrugged the tackle off completely.