Former official says Rohan Smith comments “irrelevant” after controversial call questioned

After Leeds Rhinos were beaten again against Leigh Leopards on Sunday Rohan Smith spoke to the press as he deals with the woes of his side at the moment losing three games in a row with defeats to Hull KR and St Helens undercutting their winning run against Huddersfield Giants, Warrington Wolves and Salford Red Devils.

There isn’t a great feeling at the club at present though the Rhinos certainly competed with a Leigh side who are headed to Wembley this week and chase a spot in the top two and were at times unlucky.

In fact they were on the wrong end of two harsh calls that led to a vital penalty goal and a drop goal that all but determined their fate.

When asked about this, Smith said:

“I thought both those were wrong decisions but they are fine lines and you would like to think that over the course of the season they balance themselves out but they were huge moments in the game.

“I only saw one replay of the Roberts tackle but the player reaction showed you. They are big moments but there were other big moments that we had control of.”

He also expressed surprise that O’Connor’s potential second try was denied as he looked to burrow over for a second.

The try was sent to the video ref as a try but the on field decision was over turned:

“Yeah for sure and it went up a try but I don’t spend much time looking at them but on TV there have been some where if you put it to a panel they might go the other way.

“I’m not sure on that one. It went up a try and most get given.”

Following the emergence of these comments on social media, former official Ian Smith responded to this saying that the live call became “irrelevant.”

He said on social media: “He dropped it though, so the live call becomes irrelevant.”

It does raise a question about whether or not this system needs to be changed to remove this kind of discussion about decisions.