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The crucial question raised by club who voted against during IMG meeting

Today the future of rugby league begins as the Rugby League Council, made up of Super League, Championship and League One clubs as well as representatives from the community game, voted in favour of IMG’s proposals.

These will end traditional promotion and relegation and instead see the sport pivot towards a grading system which will in form who is in the top division.

However, six clubs voted against the proposals today including Hunslet.

In a statement made after the vote, Hunslet have highlighted an important question that was asked during the meeting today in a unique inside look at what was said.

The quote comes from the club’s website and reads as follows:

“It was stressed, at the meeting, that clubs playing in a Championship Grand Final could quite feasibly go into the game aware that a side lower down the table had already secured the Super League berth through amassing more rating points in the Club Grading System, which relates to such as ground suitability and catchment area. ‘How,’ asked one delegate, ‘do you explain to a potential new supporter that although your team is ten points clear at the head of the table, you might not get promoted through not having enough off-field points? It’s not designed to attract more fans, in my view, in fact it could drive them away.'”

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