IMG’s takeover of rugby league laid bare

Rugby league will soon be heading into a completely brand new era.

IMG, who have been involved in promoting tennis’ Miami Open, World’s Strongest Man and UFC, will lead the sport’s strategic planning once the Rugby Football League and Super League Europe have realigned.

Rugby League Live had revealed earlier in the season that IMG will jump on board, with it set to be an incredible time for the sport.

For, The Game Caller – a Bradford Bulls reporter – it has been a long time coming with years of slow decline getting to this point.

“The deal is what it is, it’s going to be the RFL effectively selling off farmland, the real estate of the sport to try and fix things and run the sport properly,” The Game Caller said on The Full Eighty Minutes.

“This isn’t something that’s happened overnight, this is something that has happened for a decade – we’ve gradually seen a slow and steady decline that is very close to my heart.”

The Game Caller also revealed just what IMG are going to do once they are involved.

“They are going to control commercial growth, marketing, sponsorship and take control of broadcast deal negotiations.

“That will come under their remit as part of this deal which will see the RFL and the executive board at the RFL selling off a chunk of the farmland.”

Leading rugby league agent, Craig Harrison – also known as Show Me The Money UK – sees the positives from the new move.

“We’ve attracted one of the biggest media companies in the world and the first thing they will do they will make superstars of our players.

“They could be the saviour of our sport.”

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