“I’ll say it again, the best barnet in sport” – how social media reacted to the hairstyles on show in round one

Round one of Super League was special to say the least – it was the first weekend of games since late 2020 – but it was also impressive for one other reason – hair.

There were various hairstyles on show, none more so than Blake Wallace’s mullet. A throwback to the 1980s, the Leigh halfback turned the attention of much of the rugby league fraternity, polarising opinion. One viewer was seriously impressed.

Another, however, pointed fun at the throwback hairdo.

That wasn’t the end of the trim terror though on Friday night with Wigan’s new signing Jai Field coming in for an unflattering comparison.

If viewers thought the wacky hairdos would stop there, they would be mistaken with Castleford’s Cheyse Blair taking the negative limelight in Sunday’s game against Warrington.

Despite Blair being the highlight on Sunday, it was Jacob Miller that caught the eye on Saturday afternoon. The halfback sported a long hairstyle that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Hollywood.

It will be interesting to see if any of these trims survive the post-lockdown reopening of barber shops and hairdressers, but even if they don’t, it gave viewers another debating point.

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