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Ian Watson “worried” about his future

Huddersfield Giants Head Coach

Ian Watson has admitted he is “worried” about his future at Huddersfield Giants.

The Giants boss said: “I wouldn’t say I’m not worried” but did say “you’re always worried when you lose.”

He also said that they will be questioning everything:

“Oh, you always do. You always do, mate. Yeah, you always do. You always do. You always question everything. And then you can go back through it, go back through it. I stay strong in my belief that I know where I’ll get the club and I know where I’ll get the team on the back end of that.

“I’ve seen things like this before. I’ve had adversity all the way through my career as a player, as a coach. There’s nothing different for me. It’s about responding from there. I have a belief we’ve managed to take two bottom four teams to major finals in the last few years. I know how to get it done. I need to get people that are going to come along on that journey and be the right ones for it. Whether that’s the way the club see it is a different kettle of fish altogether.”

This was when he addressed his future:

“I wouldn’t say I’m not worried. You’re always worried when you lose. It’s a job I love and a career I love and I want to be one of the best in it. However far away that looks today, it’s about perseverance, working hard, getting your head down, showing resilience, showing everything that we didn’t show today.”

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