Ian Watson suggests Huddersfield could have beaten Wigan if star player was fit

Last night Huddersfield Giants only just came up short against Wigan Warriors.

They only scored one try in their 14-12 defeat which perhaps highlights their need for Jake Connor.

When asked after the game if Connor would have made a difference, coach Ian Watson said:

“When you talk about the level of experience and unlocking a defence, Jake could have potentially made a difference.

“The fact was, he wasn’t out there and we have to work with what we have got.

“For the majority of the game, the guys were great but a couple of them have learnt a harsh lesson there.

“At this stage of the season it is good to learn those lessons and fix them up if we’re going to win anything or if we’re serious about winning something.”

He went onto explain the struggles of having an unsettled side:

“Teams do well when your spine is settled and last year we lost a few and people were dropping in and out of the team and we held it together well and it looks like we will have to do it again.

“Jake Connor is back soon as well so it is a case of where is best to fit him into that.

“Ideally you’d like a settled spine because at the end of the year the team with the most consistent spine will be up there.

“When you lose people like Theo it hurts because he makes a difference in games like that, he doesn’t get flustered and he sticks to the process.”

He also said that Connor will be back in the mix soon:

“Jake wanted to be on the bench this week. He’ll be in and around the team in the next week or two. He’s training hard but we just need to make sure he gets the right level of fitness.”

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