Ian Watson speaks about the importance of Adam O’Brien to Huddersfield Giants

Yesterday Adam O’Brien made his long awaited return to the Huddersfield Giants as they beat Warrington 32-22 despite trailing 22-14 late in the second half.

O’Brien also got a try for good measure as he surprisingly started despite his recent injury layoff and the form of the brilliant Danny Levi in the number nine role.

What made O’Brien’s starting spot even more interesting is the fact he came out to train earlier than the rest of the team undergoing what seemed to be a fitness test prior to the game.

Though when he took to the field properly he didn’t show a sign of his previous injury especially as he poached a try.

After the game, his coach Ian Watson praised him identifying his wider importance to the squad: “He was brilliant. That’s the thing with Adam is keeping him fit, he’s a great nine and he puts pressure on Danny Levi when he’s fit and Danny has to go to a different level and it’s that kind of competition you want.

“I thought Adam and Toby King were two of our best today.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the Giants line-up when everyone is back in the mix with Ash Golding previously playing as the back up nine in O’Brien’s absence and doing a very fine job even in the Challenge Cup Final.

There’s every chance he could return to the role so there could now be three players at the club vying for two spots at nine assuming the return of injured players sees Golding return to his utility role rather than the wing role he has recently shone in including yesterday as he notched Huddersfield’s opening try of the win.

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