Ian Watson says Warrington Wolves star looks like the Man of Steel

Ian Watson has said that George Williams looks like the Man of Steel early in the competition echoing the opinion of Phil Clarke on Sky Sports.

This came as he highlighted Williams and Josh Drinkwater as the difference when Watson’s Huddersfield Giants were beaten by the Warrington Wolves last week.

He also said that he felt it was a good learning experience for his young halfback Will Pryce.

“George Williams and Drinkwater are very good kickers of the ball and they’re experienced player as well so they know the right times to kick,” Watson said before expanding on his thoughts when comparing Williams to Pryce.

“We spoke the other day and there was probably a couple of occasions where Will maybe got his kick selection wrong, which obviously George Williams didn’t but he’s been in those situations far more and Will will learn from them.

“I thought a big thing was our selection of pass, we opened them up twice but threw two interception passes and then they came down the other end of the field and scored on us.

“One of them tries was a kick from George Williams which was undefendable, he put it on a plate and that’s what George is paid for. That’s the difference between players, there’s different levels of players. George is a high high quality player, he doesn’t generally miss things and he picks them out. I’ve seen it this week where Phil Clarke said that ‘first two weeks of the season he looks like a Man of Steel’, and he definitely is at this moment in time.

“There were small margins, George Williams was one of the big differences in that game as well.”

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