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Ian Watson says Justin Holbrook has “failed” after being linked with Giants job

The pressure is on Ian Watson at the moment.

The Huddersfield Giants boss saw his side lose 54-0 a day after the Giants job was linked with Justin Holbrook.

Speaking on this link, Watson said:

“I don’t know [if it was unhelpful]. You’d have to ask the players, wouldn’t you? When I seen it or when I heard it, I didn’t actually hear it. I got a phone call saying, have you heard what’s been said on Sky and I said no.”

He went on to say that Holbrook has failed in the NRL and suggested he had an easy route to success at St Helens

“My thing would be Justin’s a great coach I know he’s just been sacked himself but I’d rather think people look at some of the British coaches before they look at the Australian coach he was brought across here and given the best club in the country and the players at the at the pump we’ve not got the players at their pump at the moment we’re trying to build something that doesn’t happen just overnight so we had a great win record over here, but then over there he’s gone over there.

And if you want to say like I’m failing now then he’s probably potentially failed in his job But he’s a great coach from all accounts from what I’ve been told from the people I speak to Speak highly of him. Does it mean he’s a bad coach because it’s not worked out? It just means that that’s that clubs probably not fitted him and then players haven’t fitted him.”

Watson also underlined that the Giants back him:

“I know they back me. I know they back me, they’ve been really good with me since I came. I told them all along what the plan was and I told them that it wouldn’t all be nice going along there.”

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