Ian Watson reveals when Jake Connor could return from injury

Ian Watson has given an indication of when Jake Connor will return to Super League action this season, and has given an update on his progress. 

Speaking on when we could see Connor back on the pitch, Watson said: “I’m quite hopeful that it might be like Round Three which will be awesome for us, but what we need to do is make sure he comes back at the right time… what we’ve bought Jake for is to build a team and build a legacy going forward.”

He added: “If he misses round 1, 2,3,4,5, it’s not too much of a problem; it’s about building to where we want to get to.”

Jake Connor has been recovering from a knee operation he had during the off-season, and returned to pre-season training in November.

The Giants head coach gave an update on the former Hull FC star’s rehab. He said: “Outstanding. He’s running out on the field; think he ran about 5K last week so he’s well up there now. His loads have just got to start increase now, so we’ve got to go like 5,8,13 all that kind of stuff to make sure he’s tolerating but at the moment in time, phenomenal.”

Ian Watson also explained how Connor is part of a wider process for the Giants, saying: “We’ve brought him here to be able to help us to go to another level and be able to win things as well so if he doesn’t start the season it’s not a problem for us. He can build throughout the season as we go forward and we can build them combinations.”

The versatile back re-joined the Giants after a six year stint at Hull FC.

Watson also gave some indication on how the Giants plan to use Connor this season, saying:  “The beauty of Jake is that he can play both to be fair. What he’s got is undoubtable talent and he can open up defences, so whether he plays at 6 whether he plays at 1 what we’ve got to do is put him in positions where he can open teams up, where he can use his skill set.”

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