Ian Watson reveals conversation with official about key decision

For the second week in a row Huddersfield Giants came up short against one of their potential title rivals on Thursday.

This time they lost 14-12 to Champions St Helens and after the game a proud Ian Watson identified a few big calls that he felt went against his side.

“We were on the front foot and I thought the momentum was with us. There was an interesting call should we say, where there was four of their players offside and Nathan Peats runs into them on tackle four yet he doesn’t call a six again but tackle five and we have to kick on the back end of it,” Watson said.

“That set, they come out and have a tackle where Chris McQueen has his arm caught in the tackle. He gives a six again and then they score.

“Just a small little momentum change like that in a game like this massive, look at the score now.

“We don’t concede them six points, and then we compounded it by making an error and kicking out on the full which makes them come and score, I think it was last tackle in the corner with Makinson.

“I’d have been quite happy to have a few looks at that, the amount of looks they had at Innes’ try compared to that one.”

Around the time of that Peats incident, Seb Ikahihifo knocked on which led to Saints’ first try.

At that moment Watson was seen in deep discussion with official Ben Thaler on the sideline.

When asked about that, Watson said:

“We felt we should have had a six again on that because they were on top of him, by the time he stood up all their line had been set for at least five seconds.

“Obviously I missed Seb playing it because I was frustrated but that was the set where Nathan Peats ran into their four offside players, so we should have two six agains in that set.”

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2 months ago

Bet he didn’t complain when they were given a try which was definitely a knock on