Ian Watson has his say on crucial six again calls that Huddersfield didn’t get

Huddersfield Giants came up just short against Wigan Warriors last night.

It was a game that showed that the two sides are evenly matched at present and it was the small moments that went on to decide the game such as the two Huddersfield errors that led directly to Wigan tries or indeed the six again calls that Huddersfield didn’t get.

There were perhaps a few moments where Huddersfield’s brilliant middles looked like they had done enough to earn a six again but didn’t get one.

After the game, Ian Watson spoke about these but made a point to praise official Jack Smith:

“I thought there were a few calls where we could have got six agains.

“One of the sets was one of those when we didn’t finish so well with a chip kick rather than turning them over deep.

“If you get a six again there, the game is different.’

“I thought there were about three or four six agains we could have got but probably Wigan could have said the same as well.

“Overall I thought Jack Smith was good to be fair, I thought he was pretty good.

“It gets you when you’re in the game but if you sit back and look its a small thing that has cost us.”

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