Ian Watson gives recruitment hint as he reveals ‘disruptive’ past experiences with transfers

May 1st is an important date in the rugby league calendar.

It signals the date when out of contract players can negotiate and sit down with other clubs in a bid to secure a deal and therefore their future.

The likes of Jake Trueman and Tom Johnstone have been linked heavily with moves in the past week or so as clubs attempt to strike while the iron is hot – and before rival teams do, too.

However, for Huddersfield Giants head coach Ian Watson, he labelled the period after May 1st as ‘disruptive’ particularly at previous clubs.

“It has been disruptive for me in the past, but we’re in a different position this year than where we’ve been before.

“We’ve got our spine sorted out in the future which is often the most difficult, but where we’ve been before we can be tossing and turning with one or two year deals but being at Huddersfield we can be smarter and tie them up quicker.

“When you’re doing well it helps as well as they’re not looking at anywhere else to go.”

Watson was also keen to emphasise that Huddersfield already has the crux of a silverware-hunting side and that only a couple of new recruits are needed.

“Once you start to get a good team, it’s about identifying and making small changes,” Watson continued.

“The good thing is the guys have really bought in and hit their straps an they will be better net year, so we don’t want to break that up.

“Instead we add to it with one or to additions.”

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