Ian Watson explains Huddersfield Giants’ recruitment process for 2023

Fans in rugby league always want to peak behind the curtain to know what is going on behind the scenes in terms of recruitment and who the club is targeting.

The majority of the time that’s easier said than done with most clubs remaining secretive as to who is set to come in and who will be heading out but today Ian Watson gave us a peek behind the curtain in terms of what Huddersfield are doing in terms of recruitment moving forward into 2023.

The Giants have excelled in 2022 mostly on the back of recruitment with Chris Hill and Theo Fages helping the Giants take a step forward into becoming a top four side, a Grand Final contender and a Challenge Cup finalist.

Many of the signings Watson made in 2021 have also found some form after difficult settling in periods last year helping turn the Giants into one of the league’s most formidable sides.

But what’s the next step for the Giants? Watson has spoken about how the club can become a constant threat at the top of the table.

Well today, Watson has explained Huddersfield’s recruitment process heading into 2023: “Recruitment is ongoing. You speak early in the year, we had a recruitment meeting a couple of months ago and highlighted some targets which we’ve spoken to and we’ll see if they materialise.

“You probably start to fine tune it now, in what you want and where you think you can improve the team but the biggest one is it’s got to improve the team.

“There’s no point in bringing someone in whose just going to challenge now, you need people who are probably going to be better than what you’ve got to take you to the next level.

“We want to be a consistent team competing for trophies. The way you do that is by getting that quality of player in and if that quality isn’t there, there’s no point.”

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