Ian Watson bemoans Challenge Cup decisions in defeat to Wigan Warriors

The fallout from the Challenge Cup Final continues to rage as Huddersfield Giants head coach Ian Watson touched upon the bans handed out to Wigan Warriors forward Morgan Smithies.

Smithies incurred a four-match ban – from two separate incidents – but received no punishment on the field from referee James Child.

And, for Watson, he couldn’t understand why that was.

“I thought in the game it was right in front of me the one with Ricky when Ricky made that break, that was one that needed to be looked at,” Watson said.

“I think early in the season there is a sending off there.”

Watson also bemoaned Wigan’s Liam Farrell staying down after being high tackled by Huddersfield man Luke Yates, who has been given a two-match ban from that game.

“He connected with Ricky and obviously we have Luke Yates banned here, but I think if Liam Farrell doesn’t lie down there nothing happens – but you cant touch someone’s face.

“The match review did grade it right but I’m a little bit bewildered as why the late tackle and high tackle were not treated differently rather than as one consecutive matter because they looked on Yatesy’s previous form and counted the one in the game.”

The Huddersfield boss also feels like his side should have had a penalty near the end, too.

“I’ve left it with the RFL, I would rather focus on what we do.

“The one where Luke Yates clips Liam Farrell across the nose, the play after they scored.

“There is 15 seconds left and Joe Greenwood gets hit across the face by Iain Thornley and he bounces straight up. He could have had a penalty there with a shot at goal with 15 seconds left.”

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Brian Calder
Brian Calder
25 days ago

He must be having moaning lessons from Daryl Powell

Robert Owen
Robert Owen
24 days ago

Salford had opportunities possession wise and goal kicking opportunities. unfortunately they fell at the final hurdle

24 days ago

Surprised at Watson……a continuing moaning minnie. It’s gone, get on with it. Frankly Huddersfield do not deserve a Super League team with the size of their gates. They win the semi against KR, and have 4,300 against Wigan next match at home….3500 home fans….. shocking. Feel sorry for their chairman…..must be a hobby not business..