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Ian Smith elaborates on RFL exit and suggests he was ‘stabbed in the back’

It came to light earlier that Ian Smith, former Super League official, was effectively kicked from the RFL via a PowerPoint presentation in which the restructuring simply didn’t involve him, as reported here.

He announced the news via his Twitter page and has since continued to respond to fans who are in disbelief at how the RFL handled the situation and he’s made some very interesting comments.

Smith retired seven years ago, as he references in the initial tweet about it having been seven years since his exit, but has since gone on to do some brilliant work with the State of Mind charity.

Despite the amazing work he’s done and the happiness in his new job, which he references in multiple responses to shocked fans, he made one surprising comment about how his time ended.

In response to a comment that referenced the emotional scars of the situation, Smith responded in kind.

Whilst Smith clearly states he has moved past the decision, he does comment that: “the knife marks have well and truly healed in my back”.

The RFL have yet to comment on the situation but it can’t be a good look when one of the most decorated referees of an era states that the governing body had previously stabbed him in the back.

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