“I was trying to defend a mate” – Josh Hodgson full of emotion after tumultuous week

It’s a story that has been doing the rounds ever since the announcement that George Williams was leaving, but Josh Hodgson used his post-match interview as Canberra went down to Sydney to explain his comments made earlier in the week.

The Raiders hooker had given an expletive-filled interview to the Daily Telegraph earlier in the week, saying “he (George Williams) busts his arse every day for us and when you see all these things about him f***ing turning his back on his team and all that, it f***ing hurts.

“It’s like watching your mate getting kicked in the street and just standing by watching. I feel like you’ve got to say something to tell people what a good lad he is.”

That led to a backlash against Hodgson, but the number nine has now clarified his position, live on Fox Sports.

“It kind of came out wrong in terms of what I was trying to do, I was trying to look after my mate and protect my mate,” Hodgson said.

“The headlines kind of make it sound like I was having a dig at the club. Not a chance… I love this club.

“This club’s given me a home away from my own place, I was trying to defend a mate and that’s what we’re all about in Canberra.

“We defend each other to the hilt and in these times you figure out who your true friends are when you go through the tough times. We’ve just got to keep coming out swinging.”

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