“I think they got it spot on” – how social media reacted to Zak Hardaker’s two-game ban for headbutt

It was one of the most startling moments of the weekend as Wigan went down 48-0 to Catalans, but Zak Hardaker’s red card and Joel Tomkins’ yellow were the main talking point.

Hardaker has since been given a two-match ban with Tomkins referred to a tribunal, but many fans took to social media to discuss the length of the former’s suspension.

One Twitter user believed that the RFL. needs to have another look at the issue.

Another Twitter user couldn’t see why a headbutt wasn’t worth more games.

Another user was fuming to say the least.

Someone couldn’t understand why Tomkins didn’t get a red card if his grading was higher than Hardaker’s.

Former referee Ian Smith also contributed to the debate.

A few Twitter users did, however, think the bans were fair.

Their views were, however, beat down by another fan.

That sentiment was echoed by another user.

Although, someone was less than happy that the above tweeter was calling for more players to be banned.

One user even saw the funny side of it in relation to Liam Watts’ extended ban three weeks ago.

Someone else found it surprising how Hardaker’s grading was not as much or even longer than Tomkins’ considering the clampdown on shots to the head.

Another echoed that sentiment.

Another was amazed that a headbutt only received two matches.

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