“I think it makes the competition unfair” – Super League star wants to get rid of this

IMG are set to re-imagine rugby league.

Part of their vision for rugby league is the end of loop fixtures as well as the potential end of Magic Weekend.

Now Super League star has had his say on these two.

Hull KR’s George King has said he wants to get rid of loop fixtures which make the competition unfair.

“I think there’s two ways to go about it. So it’s obviously either because what I do is I get rid of loop features completely. I think it makes the comp unfair,” King said.

“I think it’s just fair that we do it home and away. But I’d love to keep the magic in, because I just think it’s a great concept that all fans come together and we have one only standalone loop fixture.

“You draw it out of a hat, maybe that’s a possibility. Just to keep the fairness within it, really. That’s probably the only way I’d do it or you could do it where a team loses a home fixture and you do it on the basis of top versus bottom, then second versus second bottom from the previous season.

“I’m sure there’s ways of tweaking it where we can get rid of loop fixtures because there’s no denying players, fans, we don’t want to keep playing Wigan five times a season. Make it more of a concept just to play it home in a way and then just have that one stand-alone fixture which is Magic.

“Say if I’m a fan watching my team play against Hull five times within the year,  you’re diluting that derby fixture. As a player, I’ll just get on with it and I’ll play, I’ll give me all, but as an outsider looking in, you’re just diluting the meaningfulness of behind certain fixtures.

“So that’s one reason why I get rid of loop fixtures.”