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‘I should have retired’: Kyle Amor opens up on failed Warrington Wolves switch

Former St Helens player and current Sky Sports pundit Kyle Amor has opened up on the final season of his career, revealing that he should have never made the move to Warrington Wolves.

Amor had an illustrious career winning four Grand Finals during his time in the Red Vee however the fourth of those saw him serve as an unused sub in the showpiece game. That signified the start of a steep dropoff in playing time which prompted a move to Warrington Wolves.

Whilst there, he would play just four times in what is widely regarded as a failed move and now the 37-year-old has opened up on the switch, even going as far as to reveal that if we could do it again then he wouldn’t even bother.

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Kyle Amor explains why he left St Helens

Kyle Amor

Credit: Imago Images

Appearing on the Sky Sports’ podcast The Bench, Amor was asked a series of questions by co-host Jenna Brooks that had been sent in by fans. One of those was fairly brutal asking: “Why were you so bad at Warrington?”

Whilst many would choose to avoid the question, Kyle Amot embraced it and even confirmed that he was in fact not good enough playing in Primrose and Blue, noting: “Well, it’s true though isn’t it? Let’s be honest.”

Explaining the reason behind that, Amor revealed: “Look, my head was gone by then. There was a few things that happened really at Saints which meant that my time was done there. I knew that.

“I think I played four out of the opening 12 or 13 games that year. I kind of knew that when I re-signed that was going to be my last year anyway really. But as it went on, there was one or two things. I wasn’t really enjoying it.

“When you don’t play first team, you’re only with them for like a day and a half, then you have a day off, then you’re with the reserves. You don’t really get to spend a lot of time with them so it got to a place where I was training with the reserves.

“I think my last game for Saints was at Castleford for the reserves, I think it was me, Joey Lussick and a load of 16, 17, 18 year old kids. You’re looking around for someone to talk to but you’ve got nothing in common with all these younger lads.”

Why it didn’t work at Warrington Wolves

Credit: Imago Images

He would then go on to assess the move to Warrington and why it failed, comparing it to a divorce.

Kyle Amor told The Bench: “So, obviously when the opportunity at Warrington came up then my intentions was to go there and be excited about it. I wanted to go there and just play a few games, try and help them out a little bit, I’d seen what training looks like to a high standard, I’d been a part of that, but the reality is that my head and my heart wasn’t in it.

“When I left Saints, I was proud to be a Saints player, I absolutely loved it, I really did, I loved every single minute of it. Then when I left, I had a little hamstring tear or whatever it was and it just didn’t really feel right. It just never really felt right.

“I think when you’re not invested in something, you never get the true and best version out of yourself. If I could go back on my career, when I left Saints, I’d probably have just retired.

“But transitioning out of something that you love is very difficult. I almost describe it as you’re going through a divorce with the game. You’re married to the game as a player but when that time’s up where one side doesn’t want it anymore, then you have to come to terms with that. It took me a little longer.”

He would make just four appearances for Warrington Wolves before making the switch to the Championship and Widnes Vikings the following season, something that he also cut short and played just ten games.

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