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“I hate rugby league” – Major club’s chief has huge outburst over fan abuse

Widnes Vikings Chief Chris Hamilton has been vocal about the fan abuse he received from fans at the weekend.

Speaking on BBC Radio Merseyside, Hamilton explained what had happened to cause him to react in such a way via his LinkedIn post.

“I was walking down the touchline towards the entrance to the dressing rooms to greet the players, and shake hands with every one of them, which I do every game, home and away, win, lose or draw.

“The way that it’s set out at Swinton is that the fans are quite close to that area, stewarded, but quite close. There were Widnes and Swinton fans there together and as soon as I got near to the fans they started hurling abuse.

“It’s totally unacceptable. I work blooming hard for this club, seven days a week, and for those people that think that that gives them a God-given right to abuse me and others, including the players, in the manner in which they did, is totally wrong.

“There’s a time and a place and a manner in which to approach people, not just me, but at any club and screaming and shouting at people immediately after a match is not that time.”

Asked about the fact he recognised some fans and if he would consider banning them.

“Yes absolutely and that’s why rather than just walking on when it started I made a point of stopping to look at the people doing it so that I will recognise them again.”

The Widnes chief confirmed that Super League is still the aim for the club: “We spent quite a bit of time internally and then speaking to the fans at forums and things like that through our social media channels about the changes that the IMG grading criteria mean to the club and it puts us in a good position to really kick on.

“Ultimately we want to be back in Super League but there has to be a realism about where the club is now and what it takes to get to that position. But everybody involved with the club on and off the field is working very, very hard to make this club a better place. make this club a better place.”

“I hate rugby league” – Widnes chief speaks out

Featherstone Rovers v Widnes Vikings Picture by Allan McKenzie/ – 23/09/2023 – Rugby League – Betfred Championship – Featherstone Rovers v Widnes Vikings – Millennium Stadium, Featherstone, England – A general view GV of Featherstone playing Widnes. Featherstone Millennium Stadium England

After the weekend, Chris Hamilton took to LinkedIn, to say: “I hate rugby league!! This time, however, I hate it with even more passion.

“Yesterday I was the target of abuse, post match from “fans” whilst stood at the entrance to the dressing rooms, waiting to do what I do every week – regardless of win, lose or draw – and shake hands with all the players as they came off the pitch.

“Of course it is all my fault, as was pointed out in no uncertain fashion, in front of women and children.

“Not nice to be on the end of for sure. People say that fans are entitled to their opinion as they have paid their money. I get that but there is no doubt whatsoever that it should be done in the right way and at the right time.

“I work bloody hard, 7 days a week, to try and progress the Vikings to where we want it to be but it is clear that some people cannot see the wood for the trees.

“I didn’t respond but made a point of looking at those hurling the abuse. The point of that being that I will recognise them and will be looking out for them at future games.

“I am also in no doubt that others will enjoy reading this post, spoken from the heart as ever, and revelling in what is a tough time for me right now.

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