“I don’t know any other stadium in the UK…” – Adrian Lam makes huge Leigh stadium statement

Leigh Leopards stunned Champions St Helens on Friday night making it two wins in a row.

But in the context of the week it was perhaps even bigger as it should IMG that they are competitive and also can put on an amazing show in an amazing stadium as they prepare to bring in licencing in a week that they presented their grading criteria.

This is something coach Adrian Lam has emphasised himself saying on the club’s YouTube channel after the game:

“A venue like here that we have got and the facilities we have got and the entertainment, I don’t know any stadium in the UK that would have been buzzing like that was at the end it was incredible and great to be a part of and credit to St Helens who brought a lot of fans over, I think 3500 fans which is exactly what we need.”

He also provided a vital injury update on Leigh’s missing stars:

“Wardle has got a scan so we are waiting for results for that to see how severe it is yet.

“Holmes is going to be another two weeks, Jack Hughes was potentially available but I went for guys who were 100% fit, that’s what we needed tonight, so he is about a week away.”

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Graham Codd
16 days ago

Until the bubble bursts and they lose when expected to win just like Featherstone in the Championship. The truth is anyone can beat anyone in Super League.

Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
16 days ago

Sorry to rain on your parade Adrian,but if the RL ( ref ) had ‘nt weakened saints side ( fines, instead of match bans ) but I do hope you have a good season